Sunday, 12 May 2013

Tim Minchin on a Busman's Holiday

Tim Minchin is an extremely talented guy. He mixes musical talent with comedic talent with a talent for perceiving and calling out BS wherever it is found. I've previously linked to the animation that was done for his song "Storm." (See the update below on that). Anyway, I now want to link to his version of Leonard Cohen's song "Hallelujah." Here it is:

The poster's comment on this video is
This is from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2005 at the Wine Bar in the Gilded Balloon on the final night of the fringe.
I take this to mean that after performing on stage, Tim Minchin and Geraldine Quinn retire to a wine bar, get themselves a few beers, and keep on singing. Thus my reference to a "busman's holiday."

Update 31 Oct 2013

Oops. I said that I had linked to Minchin's video "Storm," but, if I did, I can't find it. Here goes. As with just about everything Minchin does, there's some bad language in this one. Unlike in others of his works, it gets saved up for the height of the "storm."

I really enjoy both the music and the message in this one.

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