Friday, 6 September 2013

New MusOpen Project to Create Free Chopin Recordings

It has been three years since MusOpen concluded its project to release massive amounts of classical music as high-quality recordings of high-quality performances. The project was a huge success, bringing in much more money in donations than it intended. The additional largesse went into recording additional music.

Now, there's another project being started, the recording and release of all of Chopin's music as free files, available to be used for any purpose. Like the previous effort, this one starts as a Kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary funds. Anyone who enjoys classical music and appreciates the idea of freely available and freely reusable files should consider making a donation.

Update: More than $90,000 were raised in the campaign. Success, and the recording process can begin!


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    1. Your comment was a nice surprise, Aaron! It's an honour to have you visiting my humble blog. I'm happy to help out your project with a mention.

      Ladies and gentlemen who don't know Mr. Dunn, he's the man behind MusOpen and this project to record and release all of Chopin's work.