Sunday, 9 September 2012

Science Fiction Radio Programs (on-line)

The Web Site of "Sci-Fi London" has collections of old-time radio programs that can be streamed or downloaded. There's the Robert A. Heinlein Collection, the Bradbury Collection, and the Frederic Pohl/Isaac Asimov Collection. In addition, it features various authors in "Dimension X" and "Exploring Tomorrow" radio shows. I have just finished listening to Kurt Vonnegut's "Report on the Barnhouse Effect."

The group adds,
And whilst we are talking about cool stuff to listen to, why not try ROSSUM'S UNIVERSAL ROBOTS. We updated the script and presented a rehearsed reading at the British Library earlier in 2011.
For those who do not know it, this play by the Czech playwright Karel ńĆapek introduced the word "robot" to the world back in 1921.

Sci-Fi London does not have the epic (eight-hour!) BBC adaptation of Asimov's Foundation Trilogy, though. For that, you'd have to go to While you're there, you might enjoy watching some episodes of a science fiction tv show from the 1950's, "Tales from Tomorrow." It includes classic stories like "The Crystal Egg" by H.G. Wells, "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley (starring Lon Chaney!), and "The Little Black Bag" by C.M. Kornbluth.

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